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Goa trip dated on 21,22,23 April 2017.

Goa trip dated on 1,2,3 April 2017.

Goa trip dated on 31 March ,1,2 April 2017.

Goa trip dated on 3,4,5 April 2017.

Goa trip dated on 14,15,16th April 2017.

Goa trip dated on 16,17,18th April 2017

Dear Members,
We had already announced in March 2016, on the request of leaders we are updating the same again. Car Achievement Executives can choose from the following 2 options only.

  • 1. Rs. 1,80,000/- cheque Deducting Tax & Service charge.
  • 2. Rs. 2,00,000/- cheque in the name of showroom where you are purchasing car (Provide Quote initially and RC Book after registration).
    Company doesn’t provide ALTO CAR.

    From 5th Nov 2016 for all payout Company will be deducting 13% including TDS instead of 18% earlier who have updated their PAN CARD details in the profile. For others who have not updated PAN CARD 28% including TDS will be deducted.
    To get full benefits from SRHIPL and to avoid 28% including TDS deduction update your PAN CARD details in your profile at the earliest.

    Dear our all beloved Leaders,
    who are all confirming for local trip please submit the service charge & trip list with I.d proof before 25 days.Any delay in the submission of the documents & service charge amount there may be a variation in the quality of service, please co-operate or please postpone the trip date.
    Members Eligible for Local trip.
    1)ID.holder or Nominee.

    2)ID.holder parents,spouse or children(Any 3 in single I.D ,Any 9 in triple I.D)
    Note:Any other Relationships are strictly not allowed to go to trip.

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